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Reading Comprehensions


Over the next two weeks, you will need to complete the following four comprehension tasks.  Each one is about a significant female from history, which will support your learning about this topic when we return to school.


On each one, there is a choice of difficulty levels.  * is the easiest level, up to *** for the hardest.  It is totally up to you which one you choose.  The answers are also on the document for you.


If you are unable to print, you can just work from the screen to write down the answers.

Writing - Pigeon Impossible!


Watch the video at this link:

(I think you will really like this!)


There are two writing tasks for you, which are explained in the documents below (along with examples).  For lesson 2, there is also a powerpoint file explaining how to write a newspaper report.


Please email me your finished writing at  I would love to read your writing, and I will email feedback to everyone who sends me their writing.