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We are continuing to think about the story of 'Journey' by Aaron Becker, that we looked at in class yesterday. Look at each of the pictures below of different settings and locations from the story. For each image, brainstorm a collection of adjectives and descriptive phrases that you could use in your writing tomorrow. 


For example, for the steps outside the house: gloomy, dismal, melancholy, covered in a blanket of sadness. 


Today, I would like you to retell the start of the story from 'Journey'.


This is the first piece of independent writing you will have done for me in Year 5, so I want you to show me what you can do. Be creative, and use lots of description to hook me into your story. (And don't forget the basics, like capital letters and full stops!) 


Today, write the first 3 parts of the story that you see in the pictures above: 

- The girl is miserable

- She arrives in the forest

- She travels to the castle/water kingdom. 


Words to include in your writing: 

melancholy foreign opportunity hindrance
ancient  curiosity freedom  


Complete your work in the blue books I sent home with you. I will collect these in when we are back at school. 


Today, I would like you to write the rest of your 'Journey' story. Write the 3 sections that you can see in the pictures above: 


- The girl sees the guards capture the bird. 

- The girl sets the bird free (but gets caught by the guards herself!) 

- The girl escapes from her cage


This is the main bit of action in the story, so make it dramatic and exciting by using powerful word choices. Try and include some of the key spelling words from yesterday, as we discussed in class.


Friday - edit, improve, present

By now, you should have finished your 'Journey' story. Today, I would like you to edit and improve your work. When you think your writing is the best it can be, write up a neat copy. You can either:


- type your story up and email it to me at OR...

- use some A4 paper folded in half to turn your story into a proper little book, complete with awesome illustrations! Bring these to school when we're back to show me!


One way to improve your writing, is by using more interesting ways to start your sentences. Use the sheet below to give you some ideas for your own writing.