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This week in our English work, we are looking at instructions.  We are exploring instructions and the types of words we need to use in instructions to make them clear and easy to follow.





Today we would like you look at instructions for making a jam sandwich.  Instructions have both verbs and nouns in them and we want you to identify these words.


Start with the verbs.  The verbs are the words that tell us what to do, for example; run, jump, play, swim.  If the verbs are in an instruction we call them imperative verbs or 'bossy' verbs.


When you have found the verbs, then find the nouns.  Nouns are objects or things, for example; cat, house, shoe, table.



You might want to lay your work out like this:



Yesterday we looked at instructions for making a jam sandwich.  You should have identified the verbs and nouns within the instructions.  The verbs are the 'doing' words.  Within instructions, they are the words that tell you what to do.  For example;  Spread the butter on the bread. 

With some help, make your own sandwich.  It doesn't have to be a jam sandwich, it can be whatever you like!  As you are making it, say the instructions out loud and think about the 'bossy' verbs you are using.  Make a list of the 'bossy' verbs.



By using the list of 'bossy' verbs you wrote yesterday while making your sandwich, you are going to write a list of instructions to tell someone else how to make the same sandwich.

You might want to number your instructions to make sure that who ever is following them, gets them in the right order.

Remember to write exactly what needs to be done!  It could be someone that has never made a sandwich before and doesn't know what to do.  Check back to the instructions for how to make a jam sandwich if you are unsure.



Today we are going to make sure we have our instructions in the correct order by using some time related words to sequence them.  Time related words are words that tell us when something has happened.  These are words like;


First, next, after that, then, finally.


Some of these words you may use more than once but some of them you can only use once.  Which ones can you only use once?


Edit and improve your instructions by adding a time related word at the beginning of each instruction.

Send us your instructions, we would love to see them!