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This week's tasks are based on 'The Book of Hopes' - an online collection of short stories, poems, essays and pictures about HOPE! The contributions in this book were collected by an author called Katherine Rundell. She is our class author this year and we will be finding out a lot more about her and her writing style as the year goes on. 


We are looking at just one poem from the book of Hopes this week, but you can explore the rest of the book yourself if you like by following the link below. 


Today I would like you to research Katherine Rundell to find out a bit more about her.


Google search: Katherine Rundell and make a few notes in your blue book of any interesting facts you find about her.Then create an Author Fact File. You can use the template below for this, or present it in your own way (maybe as a poster? or a PowerPoint presentation?) Her are some key facts to try and include:


- Her name!

- Where she was born/lives

- Her Education

- What books has she written? 

- What awards has she won? 

- What type of books (what genre) does she write? 

- Any other interesting facts



Read 'The Store of Magical Things' poem on the slides below. Then answer my questions in your blue book. 

1. As soon as they looked at it, the author of the poem knew that they wanted the smile that can never fade.
Why might they have thought this was the best choice out of everything in the store? 


2. If you could borrow the smile that never fades for a day, what would you do with it? Where would you go?


3. Inside the store full of magical things, there’s an elephant that can fly and a bar of chocolate that you can never finish. Imagine you are in a store of magical things. What other amazing things might you find? Think of 3 things.


4. Where do you think the old man gets all of the objects that are inside the store full of magical things? What sort of things do you think he looks for?


5. The author of the poem says that they would take the smile that can never fade with them everywhere.

If you could take one thing with you wherever you went, what would it be?


6. Who do you think the author is sending the smile that can never fade to? What do you think their reaction will be when they receive it?


7.  If you could give everyone in your family one thing from the magical store, what would it be? 


8. Is there anything that the store full of magical things wouldn’t offer? What makes you think that?


Today you will be writing your own version of The Store Full of Magical Things poem. Your poem will use the same structure as the one we looked at yesterday but will include your own character and magical objects. Use the worksheet below to help you structure your sentences. Use the word mat if you are struggling to think of interesting adjectives!


For the objects in the store, try to thing of crazy, magical things! 
BUT for the object that you decide to keep, think of something meaningful/hopeful (this might be an abstract noun such as: happiness, a hug, love!)



Today you will be presenting a neat copy of your finished poem. You have 3 options: 


- Use the lined paper below to copy up your poem using BEST handwriting

- Use Microsoft Word to type up your poem. Add images to illustrate. 

- OR record yourself reading your poem!


Remember to send your finished work - I love to see them! I had a go at it myself and attached my version below! 

Friday - The Hope Hunters:


Look carefully at the illustration above and answer the following questions: 


- Where are the two people? 

- Why do you think the illustrator has called the picture 'The Hope Hunters'?

- If the illustrator drew another picture of the Hope Hunters, after this one, what do you think it would look like? DRAW IT! 


*Challenge: Write a short story to accompany this picture*

- Who are the people, where are they, what are they looking for? 
- What do they find? 

- What happens next? 


Send me your finished work - I want to know what people's thoughts are about this picture. I will send Marvellous Me badges who anyone who choose to complete the challenge too!