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This year we are going to be looking at lots of books by the author Julia Donaldson.  We are going to start this week with one of our favourites, The Gruffalo.





Have a look at this power point all about adjectives.  Adjectives are describing words.  Can you think of some adjectives to describe things around your house?



Watch, read or follow the story of The Gruffalo below.  Follow the link below to watch The Gruffalo on BBCiplayer.


While you are watching or reading, think about the words used to describe the Gruffalo the other characters and the setting.

The Gruffalo - Read by Alan Mandel



Think back to yesterday when you were watching or reading The Gruffalo.  What descriptive words were used?  Throughout the story there are lots of adjectives that describe the Gruffalo, the setting and the other characters in the story.  Make lists to show the adjectives you can think of that are used in the book.  Remember, that adjectives describe a noun (an object or thing).

Here are some to start you off...






How many more can you think of?



Using the list of adjectives that you wrote yesterday, write some simple sentences.  Here are some examples to start you off:


The deep, dark wood.

The Gruffalo has a poisonous wart.

The Gruffalo has orange eyes.


You might choose to write longer sentences.  Just make sure that all of your sentences have adjectives in them and that they start with a capital letter and finish with a full stop.




Can you create your own character that is bigger and badder than the Gruffalo?  Draw your character and label it with adjectives that describe your character.  The adjectives can describe any part of your character.

For example, your character might have curly hair or long legs.


Don't forget to send us your drawings.  We can't wait to see all of your characters!