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Thursday 3rd December - Anne Frank comprehension task

Friday 4th December


As you will have learned yesterday, Anne Frank spent her time hiding from the Nazi's in a small annexe - this was a secret part of the building!  Below, you will find a Youtube video giving you a tour of the annexe, and other videos about the secret annexe.  What do you think it would have been like living there for many, many months?


Your English task this morning is to write an entry of Anne's diary, explaining what it is like to be locked down in this secret annexe (we all know a bit about being locked down now don't we!)


You can include:


- a description of the annexe

- how you feel about being trapped inside

- how you feel about sharing the space with strangers

- how you feel about hiding and the fear of being discovered.


In your writing, I would like you to practise using semi-colons.  Remember, these are used to link together two complete sentences on the same idea.  For example:

- I hate my new bedroom; it is so much smaller than my old one.

- There is no privacy in this place; everywhere I turn my family are there.

- Every time I hear a noise my heart skips a beat; what if the Nazi's have found us?

Tour of the Secret Annex

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