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PM - English

**I will do an input for today's task during our zoom session. Everything you need is below**


Today we will be cracking on with our Hercules Narrative Poems.  I would like you to write the next three stanzas of the poem: 


- The Cretan Bull

- The Horses of Diomedes

- The Belt of Hippolyte 


Re-watch the video below to remind yourself what happens in each of these trials. You might want to jot down a few notes quickly, like we did in Monday's English lesson. What was the beast? What did he have to do? How did he succeed?



The 12 labours of Hercules

Use my model text to remind yourself of the 'sing-song' rhythm and rhyming pattern and try to follow the structure in your own poem. 


Some of you will already have lots of ideas for your poem, others of you might find it tricky to get going...This is a challenging task, so if you feel you need a bit of help, use the support sheets to help you! 


Poems are made to be performed and I would love to hear them. I would like a few people to share their work on our Zoom session tomorrow. If you think you are confident enough to do this, just drop me an email and let me know before tomorrow's session :)