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PM - English

**I will do a taught session on zoom before you complete this session. Again, everything you need is below** 


Today, you will be finishing your Hercules poem by writing the last three stanzas about: 


- The Cattle of Geryon

- The Golden Apples of Hespiredes 

- The Capture of Cerberus 


Re-watch the video again to remind yourself about these trials. 

The 12 labours of Hercules

Again, there are support sheets available below if you feel that you need them as well as my example to remind you of the rhythm and rhyme for your poem. 

Challenge 1

If you finish ALL of your verses and still want an extra challenge, why not add a 13th stanza where Hercules has to battle YOUR mythical beast that you wrote about last week! 


Challenge 2

As we know, poetry is made to be performed. Why not perform all 6 stanzas of your poem to your family or a friend on zoom? You might even be up for filming yourself and sending it to me... I'd love to see your final performance!