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Monday 7th December 2020


Today we are learning about when to use full stops and when to use question marks.  Look at the power point display and work your way through it.  Then have a go at the question mark work sheets.  Don't worry if you can't print the sheets out, you can write the sentences out, making sure you use your neatest handwriting.

Tuesday 8th December 2020


Today you are going to be using what you learnt yesterday about question marks to generate your own questions.  Look at the picture below.  What questions can you think of that we might want to ask about the picture?  Look at the detail really carefully.  You might need to look a couple of times as you may notice different things each time.


Remember to use a variety of question words to start your questions and they MUST have question marks at the end.  You could use...


where      what      who      why      how      when


You should be able to write at least one question starting with each question word but we would like you to write as many as you can.


Wednesday 9th December 2020


Our work today builds on the work we started yesterday when looking at the above picture.  Today we want you to use your imaginations!  Pretend that you are in the picture.  Using your senses, describe what you can see, hear, smell and feel.  You might even be able to use your imagination to answer some of the questions that you generated yesterday.


You could draw out a table like the one below to record your ideas.  Remember, when we are describing our ideas we use lots of adjectives.  Try to use some really interesting adjectives, you could use a dictionary to help you find some real WOW words.  These adjectives can then be put in to expanded noun phrases to make them even better!

Throughout the week, when you have finished your English work, have a go at some of the handwriting sheets.  make sure that you form all of the letters correctly and start them in the right place.