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Today we are looking at adverbs.  Adverbs are words that describe verbs.  For example, if someone is singing, we can use an adverb to describe how they are singing.  The child was singing loudly.  Loudly is the adverb.


Have a look at the powerpoint and work your way through it.  The have a go at the 'Spot the adverbs' sheet.




Thinking about the work we did yesterday, we are going to use some adjectives to complete a poem about a daily routine.  Fill in the adverbs so that the sentences make sense within the poem.

Extension Task 


When you have completed the poem see if you can extend each sentences by using a conjunction and adding more information.

You could use these following conjunctions:


and          but         because              so


For example;


I wake up slowly and rub my eyes.




I wake up slowly because I am still tired.



Practise these spellings and we will have a spelling test next Monday.  Try writing each of these words in a sentence.

Spellings - the /j/ sound spelled -dge at the end of words



Today we are going to be looking at the story 'Giraffes Can't Dance' by Giles Andreae and Guy Parker-Reese. You may have it at home and you can bring it along to our zoom session if you do. Please do not worry if not. Below is an animated version of the story with the words. Watch the video and press pause at the end of each page. Can you create a list of verbs and adverbs that are in the story? 


Remember - verbs are an action, something somebody is doing. Adverbs describe how it is done (a little clue is that they often end in can focus on the -ly adverbs for todays lesson) 

Have a look at the words you have collected? Can you write a few sentences about Gerald? Can you make your sentence include a verb and an adverb? Don't forget a capital letter and a full stop! 



Today you are going to be using adverbs to expand a simple sentence, thinking carefully about how we can add extra detail to make our writing exciting. Have another look at the story Giraffes Can't Dance. Write a very simple sentence containing just a verb from the story to begin.


Gerald danced. 


It is a sentence because it has a capital letter and a full stop and importantly a verb. Use the flow chart of question words below to expand your sentence by adding extra details, including adverbs. You do not have to use my question might have other ideas of how you can add detail, but it may get you started. 



Gerald danced.



Gerald happily danced.




Gerald happily danced in the jungle.




Gerald happily danced in the jungle in the middle of the night. 


Now the sentence has an adverb and some extra detail. To extend a little further can you add in some adjectives? 


You can use the examples below or choose your own animals and verbs from the story to write sentences about. 


Gerald whispered. 

Gerald skipped. 

Gerald crept. 


You are aiming to have a sentence with an adverb, a capital letter and a full stop and a little bit of extra detail to make it interesting.