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The Magic Door

This week you will be writing your own extended story/novel about a magic door!


We have planned this already on Friday, so you will already know the outline of your protagonist, setting and plot.


Each day this week, we will do our Zoom lesson on English.  I will read you a chapter of my story, teach you some ways to make each chapter brilliant, and then you will write your chapter at home and send it to me for feedback.  I would like to give you feedback on every chapter - that way, you will be able to make changes and improve your writing the next day.


Below you will find the powerpoint file from each day's Zoom session, and I will re-upload them later with any pieces of shared writing that we do on Zoom.


I will also upload my own story one chapter each day, but I will do this AFTER Zoom... no sneak previews!


We are going to prove to the world that we can do amazing work from home!