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English (Zoom)

Grammar Focus: Simple Sentences

Over the next couple of weeks, we will be focussing carefully on sentence structure and making sure we can construct a range of different sentence types accurately. Today we will be focussing on writing simple sentences and identifying word classes within them. 



**Join me on Zoom at 10am where we will brainstorm some ideas for our writing all together.** 


Today's task is to write just 6 simple sentences about the image above. Each sentence should include the following: 


- A noun (object)

- 2 adjectives (describing words) 

- A verb (a doing word) 

- An adverb (describing the verb) 


Try to include ambitious vocabulary to make your sentences as interesting as possible. When you have written your 6 sentences, use 4 different colour pens/crayons/highlighters to identify the 4 different word types in your sentences. 


Here is an example sentence: 

The cracked, faded floorboards creaked eerily

Greater Depth Writing Challenge

My example: 

Intimidating, looming shadows danced menacingly all around me.

Intimidating, looming shadows danced in a threatening manner all around me.


By replacing the word menacingly with 'in a threatening manner' it creates a greater sense that the shadows are out to get me or cause me harm.