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English (Zoom)

Grammar Focus: Co-ordinating Conjunctions

Today, you will be re-writing your simple sentences from yesterday to improve your description. We will do this by using conjunctions to give more information. Try to use a range of different conjunctions, using the list below to help you: 



For Example: 

The stained, creaking door kept rattling ominously.

The stained, creaking door kept rattling ominously yet it never opened.


** As yesterday, we will brainstorm some ideas for our writing together on Zoom at 10am. ** 

Greater Depth Challenge


For example:

Intimidating, looming shadows danced menacingly around me but I tried to ignore them.


I have used the verb 'danced' to create an image of the shadows swaying and twisting. It helps the reader to imagine the shapes moving quickly, freely and unpredictably.