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Grammar Focus: Adverbial Phrases

Today, we will be editing yesterday's sentences to improve them even further and create some cohesion between our sentences. Cohesion means that our writing is well structured with linked ideas that follow a logical sequence.


In order to create cohesion in our writing, we will be adding a fronted adverbials of place to each of our sentences. This will give more information about where the objects are in this scene and will help link our ideas together in a logical way. For example: 


In the middle of the room, 

All around me, 

Beneath my feet, 

*You MUST remember to use a comma after your fronted adverbial to separate it from the main clause.*


My improved sentence: 

The stained, creaking door kept rattling ominously yet it never opened. 


In the corner of the room, the stained, creaking door kept rattling ominously yet it never opened.

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