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Today you will be writing the action part of your scary story - this will need to include a problem that you encounter in the haunted house. I am going to challenge you to write the middle of you story using just 10 sentences! Having a sentence limit will help you to think carefully about the information that you include, so that you don't get carried away and 'waffle'! 


In order to add extra detail to your sentences, I would like you to use subordinating conjunctions. Use the sheet below for a reminder of the types of conjunctions you can use: 



There are 2 main ways we can use a subordinating conjunction: 

- In the middle of the sentence

- At the start of the sentence (as a fronted adverbial)


For example: 

The shadow grew larger when I turned around

When I turned around, the shadow grew larger. 


*Remember, if you are using the conjunction at the start of the sentence, you will need to use a comma after the subordinate clause.*


Greater Depth Challenge

Re-write your text from the monster/bad guys' point of view.