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The 5 W's 


All good newspaper reports start with a catchy headline and a snappy introduction paragraph which introduces the '5 Ws':
Who was involved?

What happened?
Where did it happen?

Why did it happen?

When did it happen? 
The aim of this paragraph is to hook the reader in with the key details and make them want to find out more. 


Task 1

Complete the worksheets below. Read each short story and pick out the information about the 5 W's from each one. (You don't need to print all of these, just jot your answers down on a piece of paper). 

Task 2

Using what you now know about the Moon Landing, write the introduction paragraph of your newspaper report. Remember to include a brief bit of information about each of the 5W's. You don't need to go into too much detail as we will write more in the main body of our newspaper next week. 


Try to think of a catchy headline for your report too!