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English (Zoom)

Mae Among the Stars - Chapter 3

Today we will write the third and final chapter in our story. In this part, Mae Jemison is much older and has returned to Earth after her time in Space. Use the bullet point below for ideas of what to include in your writing. 
Join me on Zoom where we will do some shared writing of this chapter first to give you some ideas for your own work. 



Chapter 3: Touch Down!

·Mae is now a more mature woman looking back on her life’s achievements
·Star Trek!
·The Jemison Group
·Science Space Camp
·The 100 Year Starship project


Success Criteria: 

- ? and !                - Repetition                 - Speech           
-Figurative Language (similes, metaphors, personification)


When you have finished:

Read your work back to edit and improve it. Check spellings and punctuation and see if you can improve any of your word choices or add extra detail.