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Fitness Bingo!

As you will be self-isolating at home for 14 days, you will need to keep active during this time!


You will all have different ways you prefer to exercise, but why not set yourself a Fitness Bingo challenge?


Below you will see a fitness bingo card.  You can use this to set yourself a challenge.  For example, you could:


- try to do 10 of each exercise every day.

- do 30 seconds of each exercise each day, or build up starting with 10 seconds and adding an extra 2 seconds each day

- do a random selection of 10 exercises each day

- set yourself a total goal (eg do 100/200/500 of each exercise in total over 14 days!)

- compete against someone in your family to see who can do the most, and take it in turns to choose which exercise you do


Whatever you choose to do, try to be active in some way every day.