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Friday 26th February

Today’s task is to watch another Maya myth ‘The myth of the Morning Star’. After you have watched this, your task is to retell this myth in your own words using the ACTIVE and PASSIVE voice. You can look back at your work from the past two days to help you!


If you are struggling, I have uploaded a word document of the key points of the myth to help you.


Some example of passive voice you could use:

Venus was represented by Chak Ek’ and the Sun was represented by K’in Ahaw.

Chak Ek’ was outshone by his brother.

He was followed by K’in Ahaw up into the heavens.

K’in Ahaw was attacked by Chak Ek’.

All 5 Gods were killed by the Sun (Chak Ek’).

The Maya myth of the morning star