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Friday Maths



Something a bit different today, as I've found a nice game for you to play!  You can play it against someone else, and you can also play it by yourself for a bit of experimentation.


Have a look at the following website.  Watch the video to see if you can work out how the game works.



If you can't work it out, click the Show button for details.



Now you know how to play, complete the following two tasks:


a)  play the game against someone!  Do this a few times, as this will help you to get a good idea of possible tactics and which numbers are useful to start with/leave for later on.

b)  play the game on your own.  Is it possible to play the game by eliminating every single number?


Make sure you get plenty of practise, because you will be playing this against each other (and maybe me!) next week!