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A World Map


Below, you will find a blank world map.


Our Geography work this term will have two elements; mapping, and a study of North America.


On the world map below (which you will need to print), please follow the following instructions:

**There are A3 copies of the world map in the foyer at school.  You are welcome to come and collect one.


1.  Using 7 different colours, outline the 7 different continents.  Make a key.

2.  In each continent, locate and write the names of 5 different countries (you do not need to do this for Antarctica). You will have 30 countries in the end, 5 on each continent.

3.  Find the name of the capital city of each country you have chosen.

4.  Mark on the following oceans:
- Atlantic Ocean
- Pacific Ocean
- Indian Ocean
- Arctic Ocean


5.  Mark on the 3:

- tallest mountains in the world

- longest rivers in the world


You will need to think about how to organise this on your piece of paper, as there will be a lot of information to squeeze on.


Below are some websites you might find useful.