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Last week we learnt about urban and rural areas and we learnt that most of us live in Trowell, which is a semi-rural area.  This week, we are thinking about how we get about in our local area and what forms of transport we use.


Create a list of all of the different forms of transport that you can think.  It could look like this:


Types of Transport                                Use regularly

Car                                                                   yes


Which ones do you use regularly?  Put a tick next to the ones that you use regularly.


Think about how you get to school.  On a blank piece of paper, draw your route to school.  Remember to add on anything you go past on your way to school, like the church or the post office.  Your route to school will end up a bit like a map.  It won't be accurate but will give an idea of your journey school and how long it takes you.


Getting to know the area that we live in will help us to be able to make comparisons to Kenya when we start learning about it.

There are some nice ideas in this video on how to draw a map.  You could use these ideas when drawing your route to school.