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This week we are going to start learning about Kenya.  In our English work last week, we collected some information to write a non-chronological report about Kenya.  By the end of the week, you had written a report based on the information collected.


This week, we are looking at Kenya in more detail.  Watch the videos below and make a note of as many facts as you can all about Kenya.  You might need to watch them a couple of times.  One of the videos is the one we used in our English work last week, the other one is a new video so make sure you watch both.

Top 10 Interesting Facts About Kenya

Once you have watched the videos, print out the worksheet which shows a map of Africa.  Firstly, you need to find Kenya on the map.  You can use an atlas to help you or watch the BBC Bitesize video and it shows you.  Colour Kenya in to identify it.  When you have found Kenya, you are then going to draw pictures and write words or short sentences all around the outside of Africa that relate to Kenya.


For example, you might write, "The capital of Kenya is Nairobi".  You might also draw a picture of the Kenyan flag or pictures of animals that you can find in Kenya.  See if you can write a really interesting fact about Kenya that really impresses your parents!


You can make your sheet as colourful and interesting as you like but make sure you don't colour over any writing and hide any fantastic facts.



Map of Africa worksheet - where is Kenya?

Don't forget to email these to us and we can make a gallery of all of your pictures and share some really great facts about Kenya.  I wonder who can come up with the strangest fact?