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This week we are zooming in a little closer to the rainforest and its layers, as well as the animals that live there.  


First watch:


Explore the Rainforest! | Ecology for Kids

Then read the following information:

Your final challenge is to demonstrate you knowledge of the rainforest layers.  You can decide how you would like to do this.


Some ideas:

-Use Adobe Spark video to create an informational video (this would be my favourite choice!). You will need a grown up to sign up to use this as it requires an email.  

-You could create a 3D model of the rainforest with pictures of the different animals that live in each layer. 

-Draw a poster with pop ups/fact boxes about the layers and the animals that live there. 


Feel free to be as creative as possible! Below are some resources which you might find useful such as animals you can cut out.


Have fun laugh