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Use ThingLink and ChatterPix Kids on an iPad


Today's challenge is to find out as much as you can about the water cycle.  It will be important for our English unit over the coming couple of weeks as we will be writing a guided tour of the water cycle.  


Look at today's English page to take notes (I have added some note taking pages along with the vocabulary, as well as website links which will help you gather all the facts you need to complete today's task).


This afternoon I would like you to create an interactive picture using the website 'ThingLink'.  I have emailed your login details.  


How to use ThingLink:

First upload a picture of the water cycle like the one above.

Then add tags to include an explanation of each stage of the water cycle.  Try to include the vocabulary from our English session. 

To make it even more exciting you can add the clips you make from 'ChatterPix Kids' we looked at in our Zoom.  


I look forward to seeing your interactive pictures and hope you have fun making them! laugh

Make your own water cycle