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A Beginner's Guide to Mexico



This week, your task is to produce a detailed guide to Mexico.  This should include a wide range of information about the country, including:


  • location (including borders)
  • geographical features (mountains, rivers, climate etc)
  • culture (religion, sport, food, festivals etc)
  • Day of the Dead


You should have detailed notes from your research last week, so this week you will be putting those together in a non-fiction text.



You can produce this guide however you like.  Some ways might be:


  • a piece of writing
  • a poster
  • a booklet/brochure
  • a video
  • Book Creator (see below)


However you choose to do this, you will need to include detailed explanation of the facts, along with attractive photos to make it interesting to look at.


Please email these to me.

Using Book Creator



Book Creator is a brilliant website/app for creating your own books!  It is very easy to use and you will be able to pick it up in a few minutes.  You can easily add photos and you can add your own voice to narrate your book!


I have made all of you a Book Creator account linked to our class, meaning that if you choose to use Book Creator, I will be able to see your book on Mexico in our online class library (you should also be able to see everyone else's too!)


If you would like to use Book Creator for your book on Mexico, I will be hosting an additional 30-minute Zoom at 1:30pm on Tuesday 9th February to show you how to do it.  I will then also be able to send you your direct link that lets you log on.  You only need to attend if you would like to use Book Creator.


You don't HAVE to use Book Creator - if you would prefer to do your Mexico guide a different way, that is fine.


I have created some pages as an example, which you can see below: