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Rivers of the World



Follow the link below and enter the PIN code: RV8250 to complete the world rivers labelling activity. You might have to use trial and error to find the right answer, but try to make educated guesses; What do you already know? What continent do you think it is in? 

Choose one of the rivers below to research and create a poster all about it. 


- The Amazon River

- The River Nile

- The Mississipi

- The Ganges

- The Yangtze

- The Volga

- The River Thames

- The Murray Darling River


In your poster, include the following information: 


- Where is it located? (What continent/country?)

- What major cities or towns does it run through? 

- How long is it? 

- What is the river used for? 

- Is it home to any wildlife?

- Any other interesting facts you come across. 


Remember to make your poster bright and eye-catching like the example below: