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As we are unable to cover our usual topics, I have decided to let you pick what you would like to do for the next few weeks from some of the following ideas! I hope you enjoy laugh


  • Watch an episode of Horrible Histories (Netflix, BBC iPlayer YouTube). Take note of your favourite facts and make your own little Horrible Histories book, including illustrations.
  • With the help an adult, plot your family tree. Can you add your great-grandparents or even family from further back in time?
  • Create a timeline from when you were born to now. You could plot the dates of significant things that happened to you such as; birth of brothers and sisters, when you stared nursery, when you started school, when you learnt to ride a bike, a favourite holiday- or anything else you wish!
  • Create a timeline to show the dates of when people in your family were born.
  • Create a fact file of a significant historical figure. This might be somebody you have studied in school (such as Neil Armstrong, Julius Caesar or Grace Darling) or somebody that interests you. In your fact file include: year of birth and death, place of birth, significant achievements, interesting facts.


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