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Children in World War 2


By now you know lots about World War 2, and also about how this affected the lives of children.


Children were affected in many, many different ways:


- they were only allowed access to certain foods, because of rationing

- many of their family members went away to fight in the war

- some lived through the Blitz and lost their homes

- some were taken away from their families to somewhere safe: evacuation

- some lost family members who died during the war

- Anne Frank spent months in hiding from the Nazi's, and eventually was found and killed


You can find some more information about children's lives in WW2 in the powerpoint file below.



Your task is to put to use the information you have learned about the lives of children during World War 2.  It is up to you how you do this, however your work should include lots of historical information.  Some ideas for what you might do are below, however if you have a creative idea that you'd like to follow then feel free:


- write a diary of a child during WW2

- create a factual poster, booklet or presentation about children during WW2

- make a quiz about children in WW2

- create a piece of art work about children in WW2

- write and film a mock interview of a child in WW2


I will expect to see all work either via email or in school on Friday.