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History Project

During your two weeks of home learning, I would like you to complete a research project on an important female.  She can be someone from the past or perhaps someone who is living today.  She must be important/famous for something (so as important as your Granny is to you, she doesn't count this time!)


You will need to research the person in detail, including:


- basic biographical information (full name, dates, where she was born, family members etc)

- information about her life

- her most important achievements

- quotes that she has said or that have been said about her



You will then need to decide how to present this.  You can do this any way you like.  Examples could include:

- a piece of writing or a fact file

- a poster

- a powerpoint presentation

- a video


You will need to bring this in to share with the class on Monday 21st September.