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Initially, in Year 2, homework consists of reading, Spelling Shed and TT Rockstars.  As the year progresses there will also be a weekly spelling test.  All spellings will be found on Spelling Shed and more information will be provided when the spelling tests start.

Spelling Shed


Spelling Shed is an online progam that enables the children to play games while learning different phonic sounds and spelling patterns.  Each week in school, we learn a selection of sounds and words.  The activities allocated to your child on Spelling Shed will always reflect the sounds and words that we are covering in the classroom.  The children can play games and build up their points and then use them to 'spend' on their avatar.


All children have their own login, which can be found in the back of their reading diary.  The expectation is that they access Spelling Shed a couple of times during the week.

TT Rockstars


TTRockstars is an online resource that helps the children practise their timetables.  The timetables set for Year 2 are 2x tables, 5x tables and 10 x tables.  The games are timed and encourage the children to develop quick recall in their timestables.  They children don't always find it easy to start with but with lots of practise can become really fast at their recall.


As the children use Times Tables Rock Stars, they can progress through a range of eleven status positions, starting at WANNABE and progressing through GARAGE ROCKERBUSKERGIGGERUNSIGNED ACTBREAKTHROUGH ARTISTSUPPORT ACTHEADLINERROCK STAR and ROCK LEGEND before reaching the ultimate goal of becoming a ROCK HERO.


Every child has an individual login which can be found in the back of their reading diary.