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This week's Maths homework will be problem solving using prime numbers.  We have spent this week learning about factors, using these to identify why some numbers are prime and others are composite.


Prime numbers have only 2 factors (1 and the number itself)

Composite numbers have more than 2 factors.


Children will bring home a sheet of problems at the right level for them.



English homework this week will be an activity around apostrophes.  We have been learning that apostrophes are used for omission (to create contractions such as didn't and I'm) and for possession (such as Tom's ball or the girls' sleepover).  Children will bring home either a sentence level sheet, or a text to be edited and rewritten so that contractions are correct.


All homework can be found on this page.



Children should also be preparing for their personalised times tables test every Thursday.  Their star chart in their reading folder shows exactly which test they have chosen to take next week.  I aim to get TimesTables Rockstars up and running soon to support them to practise.