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Info for non-returnees

This page is ONLY for children who are not returning to school this term.




I will use this page to update you each week on work that we are doing in school.  This should enable you to replicate this work at home.


You should do all of the other work listed on the other pages too.




This week we will be inventing our own Pokemon!  We will be designing a Pokemon, and then writing a guide for how to look after it.  In your guide, you could include:

- what, how and how often to feed it

- how to train it (including what cool things it can be trained to do!)

- what habits it has and how to deal with these

- where and how it sleeps.


(You can read my example below)




To compliment our work on Pokemon, we will be looking at the manga style of Art from Japan!  Download the files below to learn about manga, and then have a go at drawing yourself (or someone else you know) as a manga character.




We will be thinking about the main changes that happen when you become a teenager.




We will be doing Lesson 3 (drugs which can be smoked) and Lesson 4 (risks and consequences)