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Info for non-returnees

This page is only to be used by those children who have not returned to school.





This week you will hopefully be joining us via Zoom for English/Geography lessons.  This will be at 9:15am on Monday and Tuesday.  We will be looking at Trowell as a community, and imagining how it could be changed and improved for the future.  We will be producing a map of Trowell in the future (you will be doing this at home) and writing about our plans.  Next week, we will turn this into persuasive speeches to see who will be voted the first Mayor of Trowell!

Your parents have all been sent Zoom invitations - I'm looking forward to seeing you!




In school we have fallen one lesson behind, so this week we will be doing Lesson 4 (Risks and Consequences) and Lesson 5 (Just Different).




We will be looking at a unit of work all about being positive, starting by looking at something called the Cognitive Triangle.  This would be a good lesson to do with a grown up.  There are some resources below to help you.