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Info for non-returnees

This page is ONLY for children who are not returning to school this term.




I will use this page to update you each week on work that we are doing in school.  This should enable you to replicate this work at home.


You should do all of the other work listed on the other pages too.




This week we will be thinking about the time we have spent at home in lockdown.  I have purchased a fancy time capsule, that we will be filling with your memories and burying at the end of term (date to be decided). I would like you to produce a piece of writing that reflects your time spent at home in this unique situation; this will help people in the future to understand what it was really like for normal people to experience this very important historical event.

It would be great if you could send this to me by email or post so your work can be included in the time capsule.




Similar to above, we will be producing pieces of Art that reflect our time in lockdown.  You can really do this in any way you like.




We will be thinking about the main differences between primary school and secondary school.




We will be doing Lesson 1 (alcohol) and Lesson 2 (stress).  You must do these lessons with an adult.  I will be sending home your DARE book and the lesson plans.  I will also email your parents a link to access the slides for the lessons.