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We are continuing to look at money this week.  We will be focusing on making amounts using as few notes and coins and possible and how to show amounts in different ways.


You will see that there are extension activities provided for each day.  If you are confident with the daily tasks and have worked through them quickly, then have a go at the extension tasks.  There are 3 different tasks ranging from easier to trickier tasks.  Choose the one that you feel confident with.  You might want to try more than one if the first one you try is too easy for you.


You will also see a link at the bottom of the page to a website that has lots of money games on it so you can practise your skills.

We realise that the numbering of questions is slightly wrong on the first 2 sheets and some questions are repeated.  They only need to be completed once.  Just ignore the second time they appear.


Make the same amount


Compare money


Find the total


Find the difference