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This is the start of our brand new phase  'Growing 6,7,8!'


Please click on the link below and watch session 1

Today we would like you to go on hunt around your house and find the number 6! Have a look at where you can find the numeral 6 or have a look for a collection of objects that show 6.



What games can be played to encourage subitising?

Subitising is the ability to look at a group of objects and immediately know how many there are, without counting. This lovely subitising game is perfect for both a small group and for individuals. Children need to roll a dice and then quickly look for that number on their fish. Once the number is found the children can cover this fish scale with a cube or counter. The aim of the game is to cover all the fish scales. The numbers on the fish are shown in different regular patterns, making it possible for children to subitise using perceptual subitising.