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Day Worksheet Answers



Angles in a quadrilateral


This is reasonably straight forward, as long as you know the key fact that you can work out from the first question: angles in ALL quadrilaterals ALWAYS add up to ???degrees.



Angles in regular polygons.


This is a lesson where you will want to check the answers as you go along.  Look at question 1a example VERY carefully as that teaches you the rule. Make sure you check the answers for the table (Question 3) before doing questions 4 and 5.  Q5 is not as hard as it seems if the table is correct!



Mixed problem solving


(Sorry Bella!)



Tricky problem solving


Question 1 is quite hard.  A clue: if B is 2/7, then A must be 5/7, so the difference between the areas (36cmsquared) must be ?/7.

Family Problem solving!


The questions get harder and harder as you go along. Questions 7-10 are aimed at secondary school children. Work with your family to solve the problems.




If you are finding the problems on Wednesday and Thursday a bit too tricky, below is a file containing some different word problems to have a go at. You will probably want to do the ones on the pages with three stars at the bottom.

Worded problems if these above are too tricky

An extra problem solving investigation to try!