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Maths (Zoom)

Multiplication and Division QUIZ!

We have come to the end of our block of learning on Multiplication and Division. Join me on Zoom today, where we will recap some of the key skills we have learned. 


THEN...Use the link above to log in to MATHS Shed (Use the same login details you would use for Spelling Shed). When you login in, you should see a screen that looks like this: 



Click on assignments, then play the: 

Year 5 End of Block Assessment Quiz. 

You will need a pencil and paper with you as you will need to work out the answers - please don't just guess!! There is no time limit for each question so take your time and calculate carefully. 


I would like EVERYONE to login and complete these questions. I can see when you have completed the assignment and your scores get sent to me automatically.


If you cannot access the quiz online, there is a paper version of the questions below: