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Complete the next page of your arithmetic book. 


Daily Lessons

Friday VE Day Family Dinner 

Friday is a Bank Holiday and a chance for you to enjoy celebrating with your family. I am not setting any work for today HOWEVER....White Rose have teamed up with 'Classroom Kitchen' to provide some fun recipes you could try with your family, if you want to. Each recipe will have a Maths activity to go alongside it. Again, it is your choice whether you use this or just enjoy cooking together :) I've attached the ingredients below so you can plan and prepare! 

Problems of the WEEK! (Optional)

I know some of you LOVE a challenge in Maths. Here's some extra problems for those who fancy it. Challenge yourself to complete a set each day. Email me your solutions and working out and I will let you know if you are correct...Get you thinking caps on! 

**Shout out to HARRY H for his excellent efforts on last week's problems!**  

Fancy a game?