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Complete the next page of your arithmetic book. 


Daily Lessons

This week, we will be revising area and fractions. These were both areas that we were pretty confident with in school. This week's lessons will give you the chance to revisit and refresh these key skills. 


From this week onwards, the worksheets will no longer be avaiable on the White Rose website. Instead I will attach the worksheets and answers below. (Friday's challenges will be added later in the week.) 


Family Challenges: Remember, questions 1 to 5 are most suitable for year 5 and the questions get progressivevly harder (they go all the way up to secondary level!) So don't panic if you can't do them all....see if someone in your family can though! Why not get grandparents, aunts and uncles involved too?!

(Solutions in the folder below)


Why not download the certificate and record how many challenges you and your family completed!

Problems of the Week (OPTIONAL) 
I know some of you LOVE a challenge in Maths. Here's some extra problems for those who fancy it. Challenge yourself to complete a set each day. Email me your solutions and working out and I will let you know if you are correct...Get you thinking caps on!