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Monday 1st March

This week we will be looking at measurement: length and height.

We will be doing lots of practical activities this week.


What things can we measure? What do we use to measure?


Today we will be looking at length and the words we use to describe length. 

long, longer, longest

short, shorter, shortest.


Activity 1

Use at least 3 different toys that you have at home and compare them with one another. Like in the video, line them up carefully and find out which toy is the longest and which toy is the shortest. 

Activity 2

Compare your pencils with your felt tips. Are they the same length? What do you notice?

Activity 3

Compare the length of your foot with someone at home. Who has the longest foot? Who has the shortest? Why do you think this?

Tuesday 2nd March 2021

Today we will be looking at height.

When describing height we use the words:

tall, taller, tallest, short, shorter, shortest.


Again use lots of practical experiences to help you compare height. 

Activity 1

Compare the height of your family members. Who is the tallest? Who is the smallest?

Activity 2

Find 3 things shorter than you.

Find 3 things taller than you. 

Find 3 things that are the same height as you. 


Compare lengths activity

Wednesday 3rd March 2021

Today I would like you to watch the video first and try measuring using the same size of object for example use the same size lego brick to measure the length of your hand. We can also use our hands to measure things for example using our hands to measure the length of a table or you can use your feet to measure the length of you room. IMPORTANT make sure that you do not leave gaps!

Spr1.8.4 - Measure length activity

Thursday 4th March 2021

Practical day! Do you have a ruler? Watch the video first and then have a go at some of the activities suggested in the video.



Introducing the ruler

Friday 5th March

Last day of home learning!!!!laugh


Today you will be measuring length using a ruler. Have a go at completing the worksheet below. Remember it is important that your ruler is in the correct place - starting at 0cm.

Spr1.9.2 - Measure length