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Click the link to complete your 'Daily 10' arithmetic questions.I recommend that you choose the 'Level 5' questions, but you can select easier or harder levels if you feel you need to.  You choose which area of maths you want to work on (adding, ordering, fractions) but try to do something different each day. You can set how much time you get for each question and you will need to write your answers on a piece of paper. At the end, you will be given the answers so you can mark your own work. 

Daily Lessons


Adding numbers with more than 4 digits (column method)

Tuesday Subtract whole numbers with more than 4 digits (column method)

Subtract whole numbers with more than 4 digits (column method)


Round to estimate and approximate


Inverse operations (addition and subtraction)

Friday - Domino Challenge



This week's Friday challenge is a bit different. Just one problem this week but it will require a bit of determination and perseverance to find a solution. It will take lots of trial and error. Click on the link below and read the instructions carefully. You might want to talk it through with an adult to make sure you know what you are doing. You can use the interactive resource on the website to complete the challenge or if you have real dominoes in your house, use those! I would love to see photos of your solutions! I wonder if there is more than one way of solving it?

True or False Challenges (optional) 

Give yourself a challenge with these true or false questions. Don't forget to EXPLAIN YOUR THINKING. How do you know it's false? Prove that it is true.