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The daily Maths lessons are as follows.


Whether you are at home or in school, all children will be doing the same Maths lesson each day.


If you are in the Monday/Tuesday bubble, you will need to do the Wednesday, Thursday and Friday lessons at home.


If you are in the Thursday/Friday bubble, you will need to do the Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday lessons at home.



You will all be sent home with the sheets for the days you are not at school, apart from the sheet for Friday, as this is only published on a Thursday afternoon.  Monday/Tuesday group, you will need to do this by downloading it from the Maths page.


Note for the first week:  Thursday/Friday group, the sheets for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday will be available to collect at school.




As always, make sure you watch the White Rose video before doing the work:

Tuesday - Forming Exressions

Wednesday - Substitution

Thursday - Solve simple one-step equations

Friday - 


Click the following link.  This week's Friday activity is a bit different, as you will be revising aspects of time in the context of football!


There are videos and activities to complete on this link.