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Click the link to complete your 'Daily 10' arithmetic questions.I recommend that you choose the 'Level 5' questions, but you can select easier or harder levels if you feel you need to.  You choose which area of maths you want to work on (adding, division, fractions) but try to do something different each day. You can set how much time you get for each question and you will need to write your answers on a piece of paper. At the end, you will be given the answers so you can mark your own work. 

Daily Lessons


Multi-step addition and subtraction problems


Read and interpret line-graphs


Draw line graphs.
If you can't print the worksheets, create your own line graphs using a ruler to draw the axes. Don't forget to label the axes carefully. Alternatively you could use '2graph' on Purple Mash to create different line graphs. I've set this as a 2do if you would like to use this method.


Use line graphs to solve problems

Friday - Factors and Multiples Challenge

For this week's Friday Challenge, we are going to get competitive! Click on the link above and read the instructions for how to play the Factors and Multiples game. Talk it through with an adult if you are unsure. Use the interactive version of the game on the website to try and make the longest chain of factors and multiples you can. Send me photos of your best attempt and I will let you know who manages to get the longest!


Factor - A number that multiplies with another to make a product. (Eg: 4 and 6 are both factors of 24)


Multiple - A number within a times table. (Eg: 8 is a multiple of 4 because 8 is in the 4 times table)


True or False Challenges (optional) 

Here are this week's challenges - one for each lesson (Monday - Thursday). Let me know how you get on.