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*If your child is coming into school this week, we will aim to cover all Maths lessons over the two days that they are in.* We will not cover the extra resources, they are available if you would like to do some extra work on the days they are at home.


Unfortunately, there are no videos to support this week’s learning as the White Rose is now repeating some of the material that we have already covered. I thought it would be good to mix it up a little so, this week we will be looking at position and direction.

New vocabulary and language that the children will be using this week is as follows:

 ‘full’, ‘half’, ‘quarter’ and ‘three quarter turns’ to describe turns made by shapes/objects.

Lesson 1

To start the week, it would be good if you could practise turning a ‘full turn’, ‘half turn’, ‘quarter turn’ and ‘three quarter turn’. Face a particular wall/ window in your house then make each turn and find out what you face once you have finished the turn. Why not practise with someone at home and give them instructions? Did they do it correctly?

Lesson 2

Today, I want you to draw around a square, triangle, rectangle and circle, then cut them out and with the help of someone at home turn each shape a ‘full turn’, ‘half turn’, ‘quarter turn’ and ‘three quarter turn’. Then discuss the following questions:

  • Are there only one direction shapes/objects can move in?
  • How far has the shape/object turned?
  • What will the shape/object look like before or after the turn?

Lots of practical opportunities will help support the rest of this week’s lessons.

Extra resources for Position and Direction

Extra revision for topics previously covered