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Follow the link and play a quick game of Hit the Button each morning to wake your brain up! Select the 'Number Bonds' button, then choose the 'decimals that make 1' option. Hit pairs of decimals that make one whole. 

Daily Lessons

Make sure that you read the instructions carefully; some of your activities are a bit different this week. We will be learning about angles and how to measure them using a protractor. This could be a bit tricky as I know not all of you will have protractors at home so I'm going to give you some activities that you CAN do at home to practise this skill without one!

Monday - Types of Angles

Go on an angle hunt. 
Find as many of these different types of angles as you can:
- Right angles

- Obtuse angles

- Straight angles

Which was most common? Why do you think that is? 
Photograph what you find and send them to me or post on the blog!

Tuesday - Measure with a protractor

Play the game below to practise reading a protractor. Then complete questions 1 - 4 on the worksheet. (You won't be able to do Q5 and 6 without a protractor at home).

Wednesday - Calculating angles on a straight line

Thursday - Calculating angles around a point

Friday - The Right Question

Something to get you reasoning and explaining today. These videos are made by the guy who writes a lot of the 'Champion's Challenges' that we do in school. I always like his activities because they get you thinking outside the box! Watch the video and have a go at the activities on the sheet below.

Additional Challenge:
Why not have a go at creating your own 'odd one out' or 'venn-diagram' examples like at the start of the video. Send them to me and I'll see if I can guess your thinking!