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Login to Classroom Secrets Kids to find this week's arithmetic questions. There is just one arithmetic activity this week - you can choose when you do it. You might need a pen and pencil to jot down your working out. 

Daily Lessons

Monday - Regular and irregular polygons

Tuesday - Reasoning about 3D shapes

Wednesday - Reflections

Thursday - Translation

Friday - Practising Shape Skills

I have set you a few activities on Classroom Secrets to practise the skills that we have been learning this week. Please visit the website below and use your logins to access these activities. I will be able to see when you have completed the tasks and what score you got. 

How about challenging yourself with the True or False questions below? Email me your answers and I'll let you know if you're right...remember to give reasons and explanations for your answers. SHOUT OUTS on Monday's Zoom for anyone who manages to complete them!

True or False Challenges (optional)