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All of the teaching videos and worksheets you need for this week's Maths are below. Each video starts with a few, quick 'Get Ready' questions which recap key skills and wake your brain up! Pause the video to have a go at these before starting the main part of the lesson. It's up to you if you complete the True or False challenge questions or not, but I'll award Marvellous Me badges to anyone who sends me their challenge answers!

Tuesday- Numbers to 10,000

Challenge: True or False? Adding 100 to a number only ever changes the hundreds digit. 

Explain your answer.

Wednesday - Rounding to the nearest 10.

This lesson RECAPS previous learning from Year 4. It will help remind you of key skills needed later in the week.

Challenge: True or False? 49 is the greatest whole number that rounds to 50 when rounded to the nearest 10. 

Explain your answer.


Thursday - Round to the nearest 100

Another RECAP lesson today. Use your knowledge from Year 4 to help you.

Challenge: True or False? 49 rounded to the nearest 100 is 0. 

Explain your answer. 

Friday- Rounding to 10 100 and 1000

Today we are building on our Year 4 knowledge. Now we are rounding to the nearest THOUSAND too.

Challenge: True or False? When rounded to the nearest thousand, hundred, ten or whole, 999.9 will round to 1000

Explain your answer.