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Week Beginning 14th September


This week there are four maths lessons to work your way through.  You will be learning about rounding and negative numbers.  Please watch the videos before attempting the worksheets below.


As last week, if you are unable to print the worksheets, it is fine just to work from your screen on a piece of paper.


Remember that it is important that you do these Maths lessons - on Monday 21st we will be starting the next unit of Maths in school.


Videos can be found at this link: 


*** Special note on Lesson 3 ***


White Rose have not provided a sheet of questions.  Instead there is an activity on the video.  I don't really like the activity!  As a result, I have instead given you the same activities we would have done in school.


Lesson 3 sheet has three columns - A, B and C.  You should do columns A and B, and then do C if you want a challenge.


Lesson 3 challenges is worth a look at for everyone, although the last challenge (the one about Abdi!) is a Champion's Challenge!

For Maths we will continue with our sequence of learning.  As a result, you must complete these maths lessons, as we will not be covering these when we return to school (this is so we can fit in all the Maths for the rest of the year).


Week beginning 7th September


You have already done lessons 1, 2 and 3 in school.  However, it is worth watching the videos and completing the worksheets again anyway as a way of revising.


Lessons 4 and 5 are NEW learning.  It is essential that you complete these lessons online.  Watch the video first at the following link, and then complete the worksheet for that lesson.  If you can't print the worksheet, then use the screen and write the answers on paper.


If you need any help, email me and I will help you either via email or over the phone.  I am more than happy to talk you through anything you are finding hard!


Videos at this link: